Electronically Converted

Wed, 06/05/2013 - 08:20 -- sewm02

Electronically Converted


Electronically Converting A Form: If the form is already on the computer in a format other than PDF and you are wishing to make it a permanent document that must be printed and filled out by hand, there are a few simple steps to be taken:

  • First you must have downloaded a PDF converter. There are free versions available on the internet; we have listed the top two places:           

             PDF995 - http://www.pdf995.com/

  • Once the converter is downloaded, simply open your original document and select File → Print.
  • When the Print screen appears be sure to select the PDF converter as your print and hit Print.
  • You will be prompted for where to save the document - navigate to the location, hit save and the file has been converted.
  • This document can now be uploaded to the repository; however you will still be required to print the document before it can be filled out by hand.

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