Electronic publications

Wed, 06/05/2013 - 08:19 -- sewm02

Electronic publications


Electronic Publications: Whys and Hows

Readership of the print version of the student newpaper is down, while printing expenses are up. Print versions of other campus publications such as the student research journal "Tracts" face similar expense versus benefit dilemmas.

As part of Strategic Goal 5, we are exploring the possibility of moving to some sort of electronic presence for some campus publications, perhaps supported by periodic print versions as well.

A vibrant electronic publishing presence could lead to more links to campus from outside, which is part of contributing to the well-being of our region and reaching potential students. Students (e.g. at off-campus locations) who don't currently find easy access to print versions of the publications could also find them online.

Any ideas out there about good vehicles to deliver publications electronically? Please add your thoughts here.