Electrochemical Analyzer

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Electrochemical Analyzer


Brand & Model: BAS CV-50W Voltammetric Analyzer & BAS C-2 Cell Stand

Electrochem Idiot Sheet

1. Obtain the polishing kits and glass plates from lab 201

2. Have Jim Weekly log onto the computer

3. Turn on the Voltammetric Analyzer. (The switch is located on the back bottom left corner of the instrument.)

4. Open the CV-50 program on the desktop

5. Select “method,” then “general parameters”

6. Set the parameters according to the following

Electrochem Parameters

menu location: parameters

select mode: sweep technique

technique: CV = cyclic / voltammetry

general parameters:

initial E = 650 mV

high E = 650 mV

low E = 0 mV

scan rage = 20 mV / sec

number of segments: 2

sensitivity: 10 micro A / V

7. Clean the working electrode, the black rubber covering copper wire. Place 5 drops of 15µM diamond polish on the grit pad (grey). Polish the electrode by making figure eights on the pad. The figures eights should be in all directions and go through the polish. This should be done for about one minute. Rinse the electrode with distilled water and wipe with a Kimwipe. Rinse the electrode with methanol and wipe dry with another Kimwipe. Rinse the pad with distilled water.

8. Polish the electrode a second time using the microfiber pad (brown) and 5 drops of alumina polish. Repeat the polishing, rinsing, and drying process from step 7, including rinsing the pad.

9. Clean a plastic sample cell and a three-holed lid with distilled water. The cells are located in the bottom right drawer below the computer. Dry the cell with a Kimwipe after cleaning.

10. Pour the standard into the cell, fill between ¼ and ½ of the way full and put the lid on. Don’t allow the working and reference electrodes to touch the bottom of the cell.

11. Open the “Cell Stand” instrument and connect the wire leads: The red lead gets connected to the auxiliary electrode which is the platinum wire. The white lead gets connected to the reference electrode which is the glass tubing. The black lead gets connected to the working electrode which is the black rubber covering copper wire. Close the “Cell Stand”

12. In the computer program, select the “control tab” then select “stat run.” (A graph should appear on the screen as the sample is tested.

13. Save the graph after each run by clicking “file” then “save data.” Name the file so you can find your work if needed.

14. After saving, select the “analysis tab” then “results graph”

15. Repeat steps 8-15 for each standard and unknown