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Development Course - Applied Calculus II

Project Team:

Scott Carr,, 694-4991

Lindsay Short,, 629-6387

Tom Stevens,, 290-5400

Sulakshmi Das,, 225-284-8531

Project Funding: This project pays by the hour. All project members must keep track of their hours worked. Hours should be submitted to Scott on Friday of every week. Hours worked will also be reported to Martina for payment.

Project Start Date: 05/12/08

Project Timelines:

Unit 6 - Integration (by May 19, 2008)

Unit 7 - Advanced Integration (by May 19, 2008)

Unit 8 - Calculus of Several Variables (by June 1, 2008)

Unit 9 - Ordinary Differential Equations (by May 29, 2008)

Others Pending

Section Instructor: Martina Bachlechner

Office: Room 316, Hunt Haught Hall (HHH)

Phone Number: Office: (304) 367 4862 Cell: (304) 216-3154

EMail Address:

Project Description: Apply Your Knowledge and Skills and Expand on them to Contribute to the Development of Classes for the Online Physics Teacher Certification!

So, you would like to work over the summer break? And you are interested in web-pages and some coding? That means you are perfectly suited to join the efforts at Fairmont State University for preparing online classes for the online physics teacher certification. Projects include but are not limited to

  • making appealing graphics for problems, homework, and quizzes
  • preparing web-pages for quizzes
  • preparing web-pages for homework
  • preparing web-pages for regular laboratories
  • uploading web-pages to the class web-site on Fairmont State University’s Blackboard Learning System

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