Creative Drama Workshop 1

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Creative Drama Workshop 1

Artist in the Classroom Workshop

Dylan, Crystal and Ricardo


Write the goal for your workshop first. In other words, what do you want the students to know or be able to do?

For High School Students to see the social implications of smoking pot.


David Edwards : Student Ms. Cardwell : Teacher Father/Mr. Edwards Mrs. Edwards Pat : Friend Gwen : Friend

Scene 1:

Open on a history classroom. Ms. Cardwell is teaching about Ancient Egypt.

Cardwell: Alright, moving on. We’re going from the Old Kingdom to the Middle Kingdom.

Cardwell turns to classroom to ask a question, and notices that David has his cell phone out.

Cardwell: David? Can you put that away please?

David: Yeah, yeah, sure sure.

David pretends to put away his cell phone, but immediately pulls it out again after Cardwell’s back is turned.

Cardwell: Now, who knows what has -

Cardwell turns again and notices that David again has his cell phone out.

Cardwell: David? Cell phone?

David: Yeah, sure Ms. Cardwell.

David tucks his cell phone beneath his leg.

Cardwell: Since you’re so confident that you don’t need to hear this, why don’t you tell me what changes happened from the Old Kingdom to the Middle Kingdom.

David: ((David answers question))

Cardwell: David, you do know this, but you using your cell phone in class is disturbing to both myself and your fellow classmates. Please, don’t do it again.

David: Of course, Ms. Cardwell.

As soon as Ms. Cardwell’s back is turned again, David pulls out his cell phone again.

Cardwell: David! Give me that. We’re going to the office.

Scene Change

Scene 2:

Open on a Parent Teacher Conference in a small office.

Cardwell: Hello, Mr. Edwards. Thank you so much for coming in. It’s a pleasure to meet you. However, I’ve been having some issue with David’s cell phone in class. David is reading a magazine while Cardwell is talking. Mr. Edwards takes the magazine away from David.

This is the third time that I’ve taken it away from him. I don’t want to suspend him for this, because that isn’t something that I believe would help him in the long run.

Mr. Edwards: Thank you

Cardwell: However, I do believe that something needs to be done. The cell phone shouldn’t be in school with him. He doesn’t need it.

Mr. Edwards: No, he doesn’t, and it won’t be with him any more.

Cardwell: Thank you. Another issue that I’ve had with him, has been his disrespect towards me and his classmates. I don’t in any way want to tell you how to be a parent, but this isn’t something that can be handled here at school. Our hands are tied, however, I believe that something done in your home is in order. Whether it is grounding or something else of your choice, something needs to happen.

Mr. Edwards: We’ve also been having some problems with him at home, so we’ll absolutely do something about it. Thank you for letting us know.

Cardwell. Absolutely. Oh, here’s his cell phone. Speaks to David. I don’t want to see the cell phone in class, but I do want to see you. I’ll see you tomorrow?

David says nothing, so Ms. Cardwell Exits.

Scene Change

Scene 3:

Open on the living room of the Edwards home. Mr. Edwards: I have just come back from talking with your mother and we decided to take away both your cell phone and your video games so that you will learn to be more respect full. Do you understand why we are doing this?

David: why are you taking my cell phone. I don’t understand. I need my cell phone can you just take my video games and just leave me my cell phone

Mr. Edwards: you do not need your cell phone. You want your cell phone. Remember us allowing you to have a cell phone is a privilege not a right.

David: but I do need my cell phone, because it is important that I have it. So people can contact me.

Mr. Edwards: if they want to contact you then they can talk to you between classes or call our land line.


Mr. Edwards: David Edwards don’t raise your voice to your father like that. If you continue to fight this I will have to take your cell phone and your video games away for an additional month.


David storms out of the house.

Scene 4:

Open on the side of a building, where David is smoking pot.

Pat enters quickly dragging Gwen to where David is standing against the building. David stashes his joint before they make it to him.

Gwen: Pat, we’re not supposed to be here until 3:30, its only 3!

Pat: No, David said 3!

Gwen: Lets ask him then.

Pat: David, what time did we say to meet?

David: We said 3:30. You guys are early.

Gwen: Told ya, Pat. Gwen shoves Pat playfully.

Pat: Fine, fine. But why didn’t you tell me when I picked you up?

Gwen: Because you dragged me out of my house! I barely had time to put a top on!

David: Aw, man, you didn’t?

Pat: Well, I thought we were late.

Gwen: Yeah, he was freaked. You know how he gets about being on time…

Gwen sniffs the air.

Gwen: Do you smell that?

Pat: Yeah, smells like…pot?

Gwen: Yeah, that’s it! Dude, who’s been smoking pot? Some one here before you David?

David: Uh, yeah, that’s it. Some one was here before…

Pat: How long have you been here?

David: Um, not too long.

Gwen: Is something wrong?

David: Desperately No, no, no, nothing wrong.

Pat: Yeah there is. What is it?

David: Well, you see, the thing is… Gwen: Have you been smoking pot?

David: So what if I have?

Pat: Then we’ve got a problem. Man, that’s dumb.

David: Nah, man, its just something to try.

Gwen: You just need to stop.

Pat: Yeah, we don’t want to hang around a pot head.

David: Alright, I’ll just…throw it away.

Gwen: Good man.

David throws the baggie in the trash reluctantly.

Pat: Come on guys, we’re gonna miss the movie!

They run off laughing, but David doubles back to grab the baggie surreptitiously.

Scene 5:

Open on After the Movie: where David has left the movie, to smoke a joint, and missed it.

Gwen: Haven’t seen David since that bathroom break. Wonder if something happened.

Pat: Hey, there he is!

They see David sitting in a chair by another building. He has been sitting there since half way through the movie, where he left to smoke.

Gwen: You missed the best parts!

Pat: Yeah, I didn’t even fall asleep this time!

David: Half the movie?? Nah, man, I’ve only been here for, like, 10 minutes, maybe.

Pat: No, you missed the rest of the movie. We just got out.

Gwen: What happened?

David: Nothin’. Just lost track of time I guess.

Gwen: Lost track of half an hour?

Pat: Gwen, I smell that smell again.

Gwen: David?

David: Nah, I mean. Man, what?

Pat: Man, not cool. We’re out of here. Come on Gwen.

Gwen: Yeah, later.

Gwen and Pat exit, leaving David alone on his seat.

Scene 6:

Open on David’s Bedroom, where he lays listlessly.


Props Needed:

3 Chairs Cell Phone Magazine Cigarette Papers Pillow Podium TV Remote Purse

Costumes Needed:

Tie - Parent Blazer - Teacher




Mini Script 7 to 15 minutes long.

Focus Question The question you will ask following your mini script performance

Activity The activity you will do with the students