Constitution and Bylaws

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Constitution and Bylaws

Society of Non-Traditional Students Fairmont State University


Constitution and Bylaws Society of Non-Traditional Students Constitution

Revised: March 19, 2008



The name of this organization shall be Fairmont State University Society of Non-Traditional Students. The society has two chapters; one at the Locust Avenue Extension, one at the Clarksburg Center. The society of Non-Traditional Students refers to both chapters as one organization. The very existence of this Constitution and Bylaws is to keep the chapters unified under one organization and in no case implies separate but equal.



The general purposes of this organization are:

1. To increase the awareness of Fairmont State University’s Non-Traditional Students as to the university’s intellectual, cultural, and social activities.

2. To become active individuals and join activities that could lead to positive changes in us and Fairmont State University.

3. To assist the Vice President of Student Affairs as a peer group for all non-traditional students. Members will also aid as Freshmen Counselors for incoming non-traditional students as the Vice President of Student Affairs deems necessary.

4. To set the example and assist all Fairmont State students whenever possible.



The membership of this organization shall consist of voting members, associate members, and honorary members. Section 1: All members having the right to vote shall be a student at Fairmont State University. The number of hours that a student is carrying has no bearing on membership.

Section 2: Associate members shall be those persons affiliated with Fairmont State University and who show an interest in the affairs of this organization.

Section 3: Honorary members shall be any other persons deemed worthy of membership by the members of this organization.

Section 4: Person shall be considered for voting membership upon fulfillment of the qualifications as set forth in the Fairmont State University Handbook.

Section 5: No members shall be excluded from membership in this organization because of race, color, religion, creed, or gender.



The officers of this organization shall be a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer for the Locust Avenue Extension and the Clarksburg Center.

Section 1: Duties of the Officers


1. The president, or in lieu of, the vice-president, shall attend all mandatory meetings called by the Non-Traditional Students Society and other University Departments.

2. The president is the principle executive officer and the president shall propose a budget, and may propose ideas for projects and policies which have been brought to attention by other members of the organization.

3. The president, or in lieu of the vice-president, shall preside at all general membership meetings.


1. In the absence of the president or in the event the president is unable to perform the duties of the office, the vice-president shall perform the duties of the office of president, and when so acting shall have all the powers of and be subject to all the restrictions upon the president.

2. The vice-president shall assist the secretary in record keeping.


1. The secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings of the general membership and post those minutes in a notebook provided for such purpose. Minutes may be recorded directly into Wiki.

2. The secretary shall keep a register of member addresses, and in general perform all duties incidental to the office of secretary and such other duties as assigned by the president and or vice-president.


1. The treasurer shall have responsibility for all funds of the association, receive and give receipts for monies due and payable to the organization from any source whatsoever, and deposit all such monies in the name of the Association in a designated account.

2. In general, the treasurer shall perform all duties incidental to the office of treasurer and any other duties assigned by the president or vice-president.

3. The treasurer shall report to the executive officers and the general membership the financial standing of the organization as requested. This report is to be made at least once a month during membership meeting.

4. The retiring treasurer shall, within two weeks after elections or change in office, deliver to the new treasurer all monies, vouchers, books, and/or papers of the association in his/her custody, along with a supplemental report covering all transactions since the last treasurer's report.

Section 2: The officers of both charters will work with their counterparts on all matters pertaining to the organization. The minutes of a meeting will be published and disseminated as quickly as possible. This also may be accomplished telephonically in the event that meetings are back to back.

Section 3: In the event of one chapter attempting to overpower the other chapter for their own gain, the particular event in question will be brought before all officers for a vote. In order to have an odd amount of voting officers, the club advisor will be granted special voting privileges. The vote will be conducted by secret ballot and the results will be final. Before this ever arises, officers and members are reminded that the organization is to serve all Non-Traditional Students no matter what campus.

Section 4: New officers, if needed, shall be elected during the first regular meeting in April.

Section 5: In the event of a vacancy in the Presidency, the Vice-President shall serve in the President’s stead. For all other offices, the President shall appoint a substitute with the approval of the majority of the members present.

Section 6: All officers will acquire a working knowledge of parliamentary law and procedure and a thorough understanding of the constitution, bylaws, and standing rules of the organization. Officer’s respective duties are listed in Robert’s Rules of Order, Chapter XII.


All meetings will be governed by Robert’s Rules of Order (Manual of Parliamentary Procedure)


Committees Section 1: The following shall be standing committees: Program Committee – chaired by the vice-president; Publications Committee – chaired by the secretaries; Ways and Means Committee – chaired by the treasurers; Membership Committee – chaired by the secretaries.

Section 2: Members of the committees shall be appointed by their respective chair person.

Section 3: Special committees may be established for special purposes and shall exist until their purpose has been fulfilled. The President shall appoint chairpersons of the special committees.



Amendments may be submitted for consideration at any meeting by any member and the amendment shall be voted upon at the next meeting at both campuses. A 2/3 vote of the members present shall be required for adoption of any amendment.



This constitution shall be ratified by approval of 2/3 vote of the members present.