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Committee List

This page is intended to help people find out what committees exist and what they are working on. Please help by adding committees that you know about, updating names of committees where needed, and adding links to any electronic presence a committee might have!

Umbrella Organizations (have many subcommitees)

  • Faculty Senate of Fairmont State University (and Senate Committees)
  • Faculty Assembly of Fairmont State University (and Assembly Committees)

Stand-Alone Committees

  • Academic Space Committee (grew out of Facilities Committee)/Ad Hoc Space Needs (handling Turley Center right now)
  • Academic Computing (technology committee?)
  • Institutional Advising Council
  • Academic Advising Board (picked advising award winner)
  • Academic Support Services
  • Budget committees
  • Bookstore Advisory
  • Commencement committee
  • Communication Advisory committee
  • Food Committee/Dining Hall
  • Graduate Studies Council
  • IT Advisory group
  • Landscaping committee
  • Liberal Studies Committee
  • Noel-Levitz task forces: Recruiting/Retention/Marketing
  • National Survey of Student Engagement committee
  • Promotion and Tenure Evaluation Committee (PATE)
  • President’s Advisory Committee on Equity and Diversity
  • Title III committee
  • Web Advisory Committee (more of a staff working group right now)
  • Women’s Studies Minor Coordinating Committee
  • Writing Intensive Committee
  • Search committees (various)