Chi Alpha Campus Ministry

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Chi Alpha Campus Ministry

Advisor: Dr. Steve Haynes (367-4283) To promote a balanced community of worship, discipleship, and witness.

What is Chi Alpha?

We are a movement of college students earnestly following Jesus and striving for community, creativity, and diversity. We seek to experience a spiritual life that is real, connecting with God and each other in meaningful relationships.

What is Chi Alpha Like?

We meet on and off campus, in all sorts of settings and sizes. These gatherings are informal, charged with music, given to humor and deal with everything from relationships to the nature of truth. The goals of these gatherings are to meet with God, meet among friends and meet real needs.

What Makes Chi Alpha Different?

We are focused on transforming our world, locally and around the globe. We experience God. We work hard to learn from and join with international students. We strive to be multicultural. We see that faith and thinking are related.

What's Important to Chi Alpha?

Asking God for help (like during your Organic Chemistry final). We call this prayer.

Doing what Jesus would do (for instance, actually attending Organic Chemistry once in a while). We call this discipleship.

Helping each other (think study partner for Organic Chemistry). We call this fellowship.

Telling God thank you (especially after passing Organic Chemistry). We call this worship.

Transforming the world (using Organic Chemistry to alleviate diseases that afflict impoverished countries). We call this witness.

What does the Name Chi Alpha Mean?

It's all Greek to us - literally. The Greek letters Chi (x) and Alpha (a) are the initials of a phrase written by the Apostle Paul in the Bible. Translated, it means "Christ's sent ones". The name is a reminder that we should live to reflect Jesus.

Where does Chi Alpha Meet?

Chi Alpha's main weekly meeting is held on Thursday nights at 7pm at The Bridge. A FREE Dinner is offered at 6pm also!! You can get to the Bridge by turning right at the light in front of Middletown Mall (& Hardee's). Follow ~1 mile and cross a bridge. Take the first left (you'll see a sign for Trinity Assembly of God). Bear right and look for the cars.

In the summer months we meet at the Bridge weekly at 6:30pm.


President: Katie Harbert

Vice President: Jamal Womble

Treasurer: Amber Pyles


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