Audit Goal 6

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Audit Goal 6


Goal 6 Audit Committee, 2008

Members of the committee:

Donna Nuzum, Chair
Gale Kirby (Senate)
Rick Pagan (Assembly)
Karen Grubb (Classified Staff)
Sean Reed (Student)
Alissa Wilmoth (Chair's choice)

MARCH 28, 2008 The first meeting of the committee was held March 28 with all memebers attending. An overview of the purpose was discussed, the 2007 implimentation team report and audit report and 2008 implimentation report were reviewed. Each audit committee member choose an action step to review and comment on for the next meeting, April 2.

APRIL 2, 2008 All members were present and an active discussion was held on action steps one and two. the following discussion took place: Action Step 1: COMMUNICATE ACADEMIC EXPECTATIONS IN EVERY CONTACT WITH FIRST YEAR STUDENTS.  Continue and improve the dissemination of philosophy and expectations to first-year students as described in Action Step 1. o Complete list of expectations developed and distributed to students in variety of venues and media o Philosophy has been written and is available, but actual distribution is limited o No tools for measuring successfulness used or developed o SUGGESTIONS  Expectations included in all syllabi of 1000 courses  Emphasize to students that they are responsible for their own learning o Outlined in Student Expectations o Discussed by advisors o No mention of distribution of the “new syllabus” developed by the advising center. It was suggested all advisors receive this. o Elimination of mandatory orientation step backwards! o SUGESTIONS  Some way to explain usage of catalog  Update Banner with advisor list  Written document distributed by advisor at initial meeting, referencing student’s educational plan and goals  Conduct survey to determine effectiveness of Action Step 1 o Lack of progress due recent completion of philosophy o Suggestions  Survey posted on Blackboard in all 1000 courses  Surveys distributed in dorms (dorm meetings, mailboxes, etc)

Additional info. will be added when it is available.

Next meeting Apr. 9.