Assessment software

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Assessment software

Assessment Software Features Comparison

Assessment Workgroup 1 members: Please post your comments and suggestions for requirements of the software at the end of this page OR the associated Talk page (click on discussion tab at top of this page to see the Talk page.) We'll deal with formatting after getting all the ideas on the pages. Thanks! Harvey, Erica 11:06, 15 April 2008 (EDT)

LiveText instructions

Change the table axes to put vendors on top. Enter your ideas here if you don't feel comfortable putting them in the table. User-friendly; ease of use. Response time to requests for design change,information, or help. Reporting features at course, program and university levels. All features available during time of pilot. Compatible with current software programs in use; data in current systems can easily be moved into new system. Cost Maintenance


Mock University

  ↓ Vendor   ↓ support for collaboration   ↓ autotracks outcomes across levels   ↓ statistics package/reports   ↓ student portfolio   ↓ Cost   ↓ Open source?   ↓ Talks to Banner   ↓ Talks to Blackboard Vista   ↓ Data backend   ↓ Support offered   ↓ Hosted?   ↓
LiveText LiveText discussion tools yes - how much? yes yes per-student license proprietary yes maybe  ? setup support yes  
Blackboard Outcomes Blackboard strong yes? possibly yes several hundred thousand per year proprietary yes yes, and will do better  ? strong first year/setup either way
Tk20 Tk20 strong yes yes, as well as custom yes  ?  ? yes yes Not sure what this means, but will dump data at our request or on a schedule strong support either