Assessment Minutes 2 11 08

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Assessment Minutes 2 11 08

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Assessment Committee Meeting 2/11/08

Attending: Matthews, James; Jones, Gwendolyn; Crislip-Tacy, Carolyn; Smith, Sharon; Harvey, Erica; Lach, Peter; Toothman, John; Finley, William; Hemler, Deb; Lavorata, Christina; Parks, Nancy;; Rohrbaugh, Clarence; Romesburg, Rosemarie; Schwer, Mary; Goodwin, James; Hansen, Galen; Harvey, Richard; Shield, Deanna; Kirby, Jack; Hamilton, Pamela;;

Also invited: Boyle, Colleen; Kirk, Francene; Bev Born; Susan Goodwin; Ray Mainenti; Stephanie White, Don Moroose

Regrets: Benedetti, Debra; Casdorph, Heather; King, Linda; Rogers, Tanya; Snyder, Donna; Humbert, Roxann; McClure, Nancy


  • Explain and answer questions about the work below
  • Divide into two working groups.
  • Reminder: Please put your schedules in your Outlook calendars to help us schedule meetings at convenient times for everyone.

Assessment Steering Committee (Chris L, Erica H, Nancy P)

Assessment Committee work for Spring 2008:

Projects for this semester (choose one working group; working groups will meet separately this semester.) :

Workgroup 1: Assessment software choice

  • Tanya Rogers
  • Sharon Smith
  • Rick Harvey
  • Carolyn Crislip-Tacy
  • Deb Hemler
  • Galen Hansen
  • Jim Goodwin
  • Chris Toothman
  • Bill Finley
  • Jack Kirby
  • Roxann Humbert?
  • Donna Snyder
  • Fran Kirk
  • Bev Born?

Erica will organize Workgroup 1

Workgroup 2: Programmatic assessment plan review process

  • Heather Casdorph
  • Linda King
  • Debbie Benedetti
  • Jim Matthews
  • Angela Schwer
  • Peter Lach
  • Rose Romesburg
  • Gwen Jones
  • Deanna Shields
  • Clarence Rohrbaugh
  • Pam Hamilton
  • Colleen Boyle?
  • Susan Goodwin?

Chris and Nancy will organize Workgroup 2