Assessment Committee

Tue, 06/04/2013 - 12:21 -- sewm02

Assessment Committee

Assessment Committee Minutes

Assessment Minutes 2_11_08

Assessment Committee work for Spring 2008:

  • Convey information at monthly faculty meetings to report progress and expectations of Assessment Committee.
  • Meet with programs and support/encourage faculty in meeting the deadlines to be reinforced by deans/chairs
  • Divide into two workgroups to address the following projects:
    • Workgroup 1: Assessment software pilots
      • Requirements development
      • Testing software in pilot
    • Workgroup 2: Develop Annual Program Assessment Report Process and Review
      • Help set up review structures for programmatic assessment plans and help set up a training for next fall. – bring someone in for helping with this.
  • Get training in assessment plan review.
  • For next fall: Serve as peer reviewers for programmatic assessment plans.

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