Anime Society

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Anime Society

The Anime Society is a group of individuals whom banded together our of love and fascination of Japanese culture, specifically through the art form dubbed Anime and manga.

Advisor: Susan Kelley (367-4255) To promote an environment to watch & discuss anime.


The Anime Society gathers together on a weekly basis to watch anime. However, there are numerous events that occur within than just what's expected. We offer manga exchanges, discussion, parties, trips, and various other activities. The officials of the group plan -con trips on a monthly basis as well as campus related activities such as participation in welcome banners, and activity fairs among other things. On Jan. 4, members of the Anime Society will make its first -con trip to Ohio. Three fun days of mass crowds, lots of anime, tons of merchandise, and loads of new memories that will last a life time.


  • President James
  • Vice President Akesha
  • Treasurer Ryan

Club History

The Anime Society began as the Anime Club in the year of our Lord, 2005. However, it was unofficial and only consisted of die-hard fans that wished to meet together in a run-down apartment and engage in weeaboo activity. In the following year, the founder and former president Ashley McBride decided to take a chance and make it official. However, the club member count was very low, only a few hardcore remained, dubbing themselves as the Elite Eight. The following semester flourished, due to an activity fair, mass e-mailings, as well as over nine-thousand copies of club advertisements posted around the campus, we successfully had over 25 people attend the first showing.


  • Welcome to the NHK
  • Fate/Stay Night
  • Hellsing
  • Outlaw Star


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