American Institute of Architecture Students

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American Institute of Architecture Students

Advisor: Dr. Philip Freeman (367-4237)

To organize architecture students to advance the science & art of architecture!

AIAS Mission

The mission of the American Institute of Architecture Students’ Fairmont State University Chapter is to provide alternative sources of design study to its members, although not exclusively. As future building professionals it is necessary to study our environment and man’s history within, in order to further develop a personal knowledge base. Knowing of our predecessors will help us to better contribute our particular talents for the improvement of man in the years ahead.


Brandi Smith. AIAS President (past 2007-2008 Treasurer)

Gary Keplinger, Vice-President

Marsha Benson, Treasurer (past 2007-2008 Treasurer)

Meagan Pauley, Secretary

About AIAS

The AIAS is an independent, non-profit and student-run organization that is more than just a club. This grassroots association is a cooperative between thousands of students (of all ages and academic degrees) committed to helping each other. It provides a sense of community and a forum to share differing views. The AIAS is also a professional organization that is the official voice of architecture students. The mission of the AIAS is: To promote excellence in architecture education, training and practice. We celebrate our membership in several ways. Members of the AIAS have the opportunity to have their work published in Crit, Journal of the AIAS the only international journal devoted to the work and critical thoughts of architecture students.

To foster an appreciation of architecture and related disciplines. We host an annual convention, FORUM, which provides students with the opportunity to learn about the issues facing architectural education and the profession, to meet students and professionals with common interests, and to interact with some of today’s leading architects and designers.

To enrich communities in a spirit of collaboration. Through the Freedom by Design™ program, we are organizing our members to be good citizens in their communities.

To organize students and combine their efforts to advance the art and science of architecture. We serve as the sole student voice in the decision making process of such organizations as The American Institute of Architects (AIA), Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA), and National Architectural Accrediting Board (NAAB).

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CANSTRUCTION - February 24th, 2009

This page is being developed as an accessory, so that our members and others will be able to understand our work, as well as benefit from the collaborative efforts that this site might foster. In conjunction this page is intended to be a tool of convenience for our members and others in the gathering of the outside educational information, in the form of continuing education, research, and pending events of the AIAS.