Adjunct Expectations

Tue, 06/04/2013 - 11:31 -- sewm02

Adjunct Expectations

As a committee formed to address adjunct concerns within Strategic Goals 1 and 7, the Adjunct Expectations Committee meets on a regular basis to discuss policies and procedures related to: recruiting and contracting, orientation and training, facilitation and support, and assessment and evaluation.

Committee members: Allen, Larry; Bacza, Gerald; Bolyard, Martha; Boni, Sharon; Brantmayer, Evie; Crislip-Tacy, Carolyn; Davis, Brenda; Dodson, Sarah; Edwards, Miwa; Gilberti, Anthony; Goodwin, James; Goodwin, Susan; Grandstaff, Lyla; Harris, Dwight; Harvey, Erica; Harvey, Richard; Hawkins, Clara; Lach, Peter; Matthews, James; Nancy McClure; Newcome, Beth; Oxley, Timothy; Rohrbaugh, Clarence; Romesburg, Rosemarie; Roof, Steven; Ross, Saundra; Shields, Deanna; Weist, Jennifer; White, Stephanie.

Committee Work

  1. Recruiting and Contracting
  2. Orientation and Training
  3. Facilitation and Support
  4. Assessment and Evaluation