Academic programs

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Academic programs

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Folklore Studies Minor Fairmont State University College of Liberal Arts

Students interested in the study of folklore and folklife learn to examine and analyze traditional expressive culture in all its forms. In every society, agricultural and industrial, rural, and urban, folklore is a vital part of life. Since folklore study deals with so many forms of human expression which are typically transmitted by tradition, it is connected to all departments that deal with literature, art, and music, as well as anthropology, psychology, sociology, history, philosophy, linguistics, design and pedagogy.

A folklore studies specialization prepares the student for graduate studies and professional involvement in such areas as preservation, archiving, teaching, curating, historical parks management, museum interests, entertainment, and storytelling.

For More information visit [Folklore Studies Minor].

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Student programs or groups that aren't officially recognized by the Student Activities Director. Co-curricular programs are housed under academic areas or programs.

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