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Forensic Science Club

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Forensic Science Club

Advisor: Jim Weekly (367-4494)

To encourage & promote camaraderie between students who are interested in forensic science

The Forensic Science club has been an officially recognized student organization since April 2006! Our 15 student members have enthusiastically engaged in activities and events over the past year. For information about the Forensic Science major, see the link at the right or contact Jim Weekley, the faculty advisor for the club.

Officers for 2006-7:

Fall 2006 ISSO Dinner

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Fall 2006 ISSO Dinner

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In November 2006, Dan Bradley, Fairmont State University President, and Mike Bestul, CIO at Fairmont State University, spoke to ISSO. The topic of the evening was the future of Fairmont State. President Bradley discussed the future of Fairmont State and the many changes that were taking place. Mr. Bestul discussed the IT roadmap for the future of FSU.

Electronically Converted

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Electronically Converted


Electronically Converting A Form: If the form is already on the computer in a format other than PDF and you are wishing to make it a permanent document that must be printed and filled out by hand, there are a few simple steps to be taken:


Tue, 06/04/2013 - 14:03 -- sewm02


Biology Program


  • Sarah Dodson
  • Mark Flood
  • Pam Huggins
  • Albert Magro
  • Tony Morris
  • Steve Roof
  • Don Trisel
  • Phil Yeager

Lab Manager:*Karen Grubb

Links to courses taught by the Biology faculty:

Biol 3360 Spring 2008 - Kinetics of Papain

Tue, 06/04/2013 - 13:57 -- sewm02

Biol 3360 Spring 2008 - Kinetics of Papain

This Wiki will be used by the participants of the Biochemistry Laboratory Biol 3360 during Spring 2008 to collaborate in the pre-laboratory work of the "wet" portion of the course.

It is recommended that the students add this page to their watchlist to make sure they are informed when information is added to the page. The instructor will post comments in the corresponding discussion tabs.