Wood and Strings Puppets Return to Campus

Friday, October 14, 2005

Returning to Wallman Hall Theatre is the Wood & Strings Puppet Theatre, which will perform "Ananse! Early in the Day," a musical tale of West Africa's mythological mischief maker at the dawn of time.

Wood & Strings will appear at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Oct. 26. For tickets to the event, call the Box Office at (304) 367-4240.

Ananse the Spider, trickster of the Ashanti folklore, witnesses the early day when animals and life are new. Sharing comical adventures with Jjapa the Turtle and dozens of other characters, he leaves his mischievous mark on life. Drawing inspiration from the music, masks, costumes, carvings and oral traditions, this production brings to the stage the vibrant splendor and magic of West Africa. Yoruba, Ashanti, Bobo, Fon and Dogon art and folklore are vividly illustrated, transporting audiences to another time and a different world.

Collaborating artists from diverse cultures have come together to create "Ananse!" They have contributed outstanding experiences, abilities and points-of-view. They are Clarissa Lega, who wrote the book and lyrics; Cynthia Geiger, director; Ekpe Abioto and Carlos Reyes, music; Carlos Reyes, sound production; Clarissa Lega, Leon Fuller and Karsten Geiger, puppet and set production; LaVerne Fentress and Jeff Obafemi Carr, character voices.