FSU Student Among Interns at FCX Systems

Friday, June 21, 2013

FCX Systems in Morgantown has taken on Charlie Drazba, Malissa Lake and Chas McFarland as summer student interns. The interns will be working in departments such as research and development, engineering and on the production floor.

“Interns bring a sense of excitement which is contagious to the whole group, said Allen Wright, Senior Vice President of R&D and Engineering. “Along with fresh views and opinions, there is always the benefit of discovering an overlooked solution while explaining a problem.”

Drazba majors in electrical engineering at Lehigh University, where he will be a sophomore in the fall. He was most interested in having this summer experience with FCX to obtain field experience in the power electronics industry.  He has knowledge and experience in CAD, function generators, oscilloscopes, multimeters, bread boards and more.

“Charlie has already been accepted as a productive part of the development team. He came up to speed quickly and there will be a measurable loss when he returns to school,” Wright said.F

Lake studies electronics engineering technology at Fairmont State University, where she will be a junior in the fall. Lake brings experience to FCX in computer hardware, programming applications, circuit design, AC/DC machinery controls and research. Lake will be starting by working on the production floor.

McFarland is a junior mechanical engineering major at West Virginia University in the Benjamin M. Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources. McFarland has experience in MATLAB C++ programming and plans to gain field experience in various departments across the company.

President and CEO Craig Walker said he looks forward to observing what these intelligent students can accomplish with FCX this summer.

“The opportunity to provide intern opportunities enables FCX and the students to both receive benefit - a real win-win scenario,” Walker said. “We are very pleased to have Charlie, Chas and Malissa with us this summer representing Lehigh, WVU and Fairmont State engineering majors.”

For more information on FCX Systems, visit www.fcxinc.com.