Fairmont State University Alumni Establish Scholarship for Members of the Black Student Union

Wednesday, July 21, 2021

The Fairmont State Black Student Union Alumni Association has created a new scholarship in support of the student organization they serve.

The Fairmont State University Black Student Union Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship will be available to active, working members of Fairmont State University’s Black Student Union. Qualifying students who are sophomores, juniors or seniors will demonstrate academic success, along with campus and community engagement in order to be eligible. Black Student Union Legacy members are also eligible for this scholarship.

“The Fairmont State Foundation is beyond grateful that the Black Student Union Alumni Association has come together to establish an endowment that will continue their mission in creating equal access to opportunities for students while enhancing student’s success,” said Fairmont State Foundation Development Officer, Tori Anselene. “I am excited for them to leave an everlasting legacy here at Fairmont State University for years to come.”

Fairmont State’s Black Student Union was established to foster open dialogue among students of color, the Student Government Association and school administration with the goal of creating equal access to opportunities. Additionally, the organization strives for fair educational, cultural and social acceptance at Fairmont State University.

“The creation of this endowment will support students who are working toward a future of diversity, equity and inclusion in education.” stated Fairmont State Foundation President, Gary K. Bennett.

From its inception in 1969, the Black Student Union has been active on campus and within the community. Black Student Union activities include leading the BSU Gospel Choir, holding events for Homecoming and offering special programs at local churches in celebration of Black History Month each year. The organization currently hosts programming to address and encourage African American and multicultural education.

“I feel that my college experience up until now would not have been the same without a group like BSU, so I am truly thankful for those that came before me,” said Fairmont State Black Student Union President, Peyton Barnes. “I am so very grateful for the Black Student Union Alumni Association for their kindness and generosity for a cause such as this one, and I hope it is able to impact students and their collegiate experience for many years to come.”

When asked why the Black Student Union Alumni Association chose to establish this scholarship, Jacqueline Dooley, President and Chair of the organization, explained,  “The Black Student Union alumni want to offer a helping hand, reaching back to deserving youth to lift them up and aid in their academic success with this financial support.”

“The Black Student Union, through its members and activities, adds so much to the fabric of our Falcon Family,” said Fairmont State University President, Mirta M. Martin. “They deepen and expand our culture and strengthen the quality of our campus life. I’m so grateful to the Black Student Union Alumni Association, because through this endowed scholarship, they’re helping future generations of Falcons pursue their dreams as those students continue the work of the Black Student Union and enrich the lives of everyone at Fairmont State.”

The Fairmont State Black Student Union Alumni Association serves as a catalyst to reunite former students for social, cultural, educational and community experiences. The organization serves as mentors to current Black Student Union members at Fairmont State University in various academic disciplines to assist in career development opportunities.