Student Government Election Results

Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Student Government election took place Tuesday and Wednesday, March 28 and 29. A total of 607 students voted in the online election, up from 359 who voted in the 2005-2006 election.

Following are the official results. All candidates have 72 hours, as of 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, March 29, to contest the results.

President (Vote for one)
*Shane Livingston 237
Kera Cherrey 214
Josh Riffle 123

Vice President (Vote for one)
*Alice Shrestha 240
Myron Comstock 120
Jennifer Higginbotham 114
Chris Skoloski 113

Secretary (Vote for one)
Kasha Brown 542

Treasurer (Vote for one)
*Sudha Parajulee 298
Lana Boyce 148
Derek Crites 119

Board of Governors (Vote for one)
*Michelle Nabers 352
Lakisha Elder 155

Faculty Senate (Can vote for up to two)
Eric Lambert 316
Monica Monroe 416

Director of Public Relations (Vote for one)
Jason Vanfosson 475

Advisory Council (Vote for one)
*Kristy Lynch 361
Charles Elder 151

Board of Advisors (Vote for one)
Jason Pitzer 488

House of Representatives (Can Vote for up to twelve)
Heera Akram 367
Jatanna Bolyard 323
Niya Dixon 310
Rod Hunte 351
Eric Kerns 332
Matt Ladd 312
Ashley Modica 312
Faith Moore 334
Corey Rexrode 334
Whitney Richardson 368
Nicki Stanley 380
Aaron Woodard 295

Sophomore Senator (Can Vote for up to three)
(Only current Freshmen can vote for Sophomore Senator)
Amanda Barber 98
Kenneth Cole 113
Sulakshmi Das 84

Junior Senator (Can Vote for up to three)
(Only current Sophomores can vote for Junior Senator)
Laura Petr 72
Craig Roberts 55
Stacey "Carpenter" Salmon 80

Senior Senator (Can vote for up to three)
(Only current Juniors can vote for Senior Senator)
Senit Assefaw 72
Catherine Clevenger 78
Sakie Ishiharazaka 62