Fine Arts Students Honored for Academics

Wednesday, May 02, 2012

On Sunday, April 22, the Fairmont State University School of Fine Arts held its annual Awards Ceremony to honor students and their accomplishments. Attending the event were students, their families, alumni and faculty and staff of the School of Fine Arts.

“The strong scholarship support that the School of Fine Arts receives from the Fairmont State Foundation allows us to attract talented, well-prepared students to our programs. The enrollment of those students raises the bar for all our students, a kind of ‘trickle up’ effect, which is very welcome,” said Peter Lach, Dean of the School of Fine Arts.

Scholarship winners were introduced for art, music and theatre departments; also introduced were students who have received School of Fine Arts scholarships.  

The following students in the Music Department received scholarships: Anthony Errigo, David Allen, Rachel McIntire, Kayla Keefover, Andrew Kirk, Michael Robinson, Logan Sindledecker, Sarah Balderson, Julianne Beckett, Anna Carpenter, Amy Farson, Jonathan Harden, Christopher Mastrorocco, Zachary Pelikan, Brian Reed and Emily Watkins. 

The following students in the Communication and Theatre Department received scholarships: Kayla Alred, Morgan Davis, Tyler Kovar, Jay Lindsay, Loralee Simpson, Cetara Hefner, Pamela Chatman, Katie Groover, Madison Whiting, Ami Queen, Kathryn Shields and Catherine Fiorini. 

The following students in the Art Department received scholarships: Kitty Dixon, Kelechi Ejimofor, Laura Walker, Aaron Queen, Leyna Bansbach, Beverly Diane Criswell-Furr and Paige Buckhalter.

Visual Art Award recipients are the following: Cassandra Abel, Outstanding Senior in Art Education; Tyler Bray, Outstanding Senior in Studio Art;  Corey Staub, Outstanding Senior in Contemporary Fine Arts Technology; Leyna Bansbach, Leadership Award for Visual Art; and Tyler Bray, Excellence in Gallery Management.

Music Award recipients are the following: Jay Leeper, WVCMEA Chapter 315 Outstanding Music Educator; Anthony Errigo, winner of the FSU Concerto Competition; Anthony Errigo, Outstanding Music Research Award; Rachel McIntire, Music History Achievement Award; Matthew Morgan, Theory Achievement Award; Kayla Keefover, Outstanding Freshman; Logan Sindledecker, Outstanding Sophomore; and Michael Robinson, Outstanding Junior.

Communication and Theatre Arts Award recipients are the following: Lillian Gaylord, Excellence in Theory and History; Bruce McGlumphy, Excellence in Acting;  Loralee Simpson, Excellence in Directing ; Matthew Snyder, Excellence in Design; Cora Childress, Excellence in Design; Kate Thompson, Excellence in Education;  Madison Whiting, Freshman Leadership Award;  Tyler Kovar, Sophomore Leadership Award;  Kayla Alred, Junior Leadership Award; Eliza Huff, Outstanding Theatre Artist; and Kathryn Shields, Outstanding Communication Student.