Student employment creates a stronger Falcon Family

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

For many students at Fairmont State University, student employment not only provides a job on campus but often times, a support system, mentorship and community. For Devinn and Jasmine Moore, Commencement was a time to say thank you to their community and to remind all of us the importance of the Falcon Family. 

The Moores are twin sisters from Sistersville. After their first year as undergraduate students, the two began working with the facilities department, also known as the physical plant, as painters through the student employment program. 

“We applied to work at the physical plant by accident,” said the Moores in a thank-you letter sent to their facilities department family. “We had a roommate that painted for the housing department and we thought we were applying to work with her. After interviewing with Donnie (Strand) and Tom (Tucker) we realized our mistake. Now we realize, that was the best mistake we could have made.”

Jasmine, who graduated with a double major in English and Spanish, continued as a student painter and took pride in it. She worked closely with Bart Bland, or Bartley as she nicknamed him. 

“Jasmine loved the work and companionship and her work ethic was above most. She painted everything from interior/exterior of buildings and doors to parking spaces and practice fields and anything in-between.  She treated it as an art and took pride in making campus fresh,” said construction manager Stephanie Slaubaugh.

Devinn took a different path within the facilities department when she found an opportunity that paired well with her occupational safety degree. “Devinn transitioned into the safety intern position when it became available in January 2016,” said Slaubaugh. “She worked closely with Craig Crimm and myself. Devinn performed monthly building inspections, hosted safety trainings, performed parking studies, assisted with injury reporting and investigation, attended annual inspections such as fire marshal, hood, fire alarm and fire extinguishers. She completed OSHA reporting logs and many other aspects of safety. Devinn also took interest in the campus MS4 and environmental programs. She will join Amazon as a safety professional upon graduation. Everyone at the Physical Plant is so very proud of her.”

The Moore sisters found a home within the facilities department which is the case for many Fairmont State’s student employees. 

“We couldn’t address this letter to any one person at the physical plant because you all mean so much to us. We are about to graduate and start the next chapter of our lives. Before we move on, however, we want to tell you how grateful we are to have met each and every one of you. We have always considered the physical plant to be the biggest blessing in our lives since we moved to Fairmont. All of a sudden, we had this huge group of people on top of the hill that made us laugh and feel cared for.” 

Fortunately for Fairmont State’s student employees, this experience is not unique. More than 350 students are employed on campus. In addition to working with the facilities department, students work in many academic offices, student affairs, retention, recruitment and university relations. 

“It is our role as a University to not only provide classroom experience but workplace experience as well,” said Vice President for Student Affairs, Operations and Athletics Tim McNeely. “They learn all about their abilities--responsibility, reliability, and accountability.”

For more information on student employment, please visit Students can also speak with Student Employment Advisor Miwa Edwards. She can be reached via e-mail at

Fairmont State University is proud to highlight Jasmine and Devinn Moore as part of our People of Excellence series. This series aims to highlight the impactful work and experiences of our students, faculty, staff and alumni. 

Caption: Devinn and Jasmine Moore would volunteer their time each year to help pick litter up along Locust Ave and partake in the stream cleanup events with the City of Fairmont.