The new face of Fairmont State University

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

In January of this year Fairmont State University embarked on a logo and branding research and revision project. In May three new logo variations were voted on by various segments of the Falcon community. Today, Fairmont State University is excited to release the new look of the Fairmont State University Falcons. 

The new logo will be implemented through several phases. The first phase will begin immediately and extend through the summer. It will include updates to the campus letterhead, signage, and promotional materials. In the fall, a new branding package will be released that focuses on recruitment. Additional signage and branding initiatives will also be made. 

“While we are excited about our new logo, we understand our fiduciary responsibility,” said Lyndsey Dugan, associate vice president of university relations, marketing and recruitment. “Our goal is to see as little waste as possible as we introduce our new logo. Some departments, such as athletics, may take several years in order to fully implement the new logo. Changes to their facilities, including Joe Retton Arena and Duvall Rosier Field will take place during their regularly scheduled maintenance to avoid any additional costs.”

While conducting the research phase of the project, nearly 30 logos were discovered being used across campus. Five main logos are used to market the university in all marketing materials, in signage, and in athletics.

Of the five main logos on campus no single logo was the face of the University. To be successful, and to maximize impact, we must share one message and use one logo, quickly and memorably. Our unified and distinct logo accurately reflects the one and only Fairmont State University. It is in this context that we set out to create a lasting logo that we can use for years to come.

University licensed vendors and campus constituents will receive updated logos this week in order to begin implementation of the new logo.