Honors Students Attend National Conference

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Four Honors students attended the annual meeting of the National Collegiate Honors Council in Atlanta.  Amber L. Basnett, Carl J. Wahler, Kelsy A. Eaton, and Tyler Keller attended student presentations and networked with other Honors students from around the United States last November.

Basnett is president of the Honors Association.  A senior majoring in National Security and Intelligence and in Political Science, Amber is from Worthington.  Wahler, the vice president, is also a senior, majoring in Computer Science and in Mathematics.  Eaton, a political science major and a junior from Vienna, West Virginia serves as secretary.  Keller, a sophomore from Moundsville, is majoring in Political Science; he is co-chair of the Recruiting Committee.

The students also participated in City as Text, a signature program of NCHC which sends students out in small groups to explore parts of the city.  City as Text has the students work together to get an understanding of the city. Basnett said, “I was able to see the differences between the state capitol and government area of the city, as opposed to the Underground Atlanta area.

The Underground Atlanta area had recently shut down and had become stricken with poverty and homelessness, while the government area was flourishing with wealth.”

Commenting on panels that he attended, Keller said, “As for the academic portion of the conference, I was blessed to have seen the perspective of other schools, both large and small, and what they are implementing to strengthen their own honors programs. The highlight that I am most excited about bringing back to Fairmont State’s Honors Program is that of incentivizing and prioritizing community involvement. I heard stories during round table discussions of schools who brand their honors programs as both academic and philanthropic.”

Basnett also chaired several panels, including one of faculty members and Honors administrators.  The students visited the Carter Center and Presidential Library.

The theme of the National Collegiate Honors Council’s conference was “Just Honors.”  Panels and activities focused on social justice and the intersection of Honors Programs and fairness.