Dugan to lead University Relations and Marketing

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Lyndsey Dugan joined the Falcon community on February 15 and serves as the Associate Vice President of University Relations and Marketing. She has more than fourteen years of experience managing brand development and in-house communications, including a blend of corporate and nonprofit experience.

"I am thrilled and honored to be a part of the Falcon family," said Dugan. "Fairmont State University has unique programs, caring and talented faculty and staff, and an energetic, hardworking student body. The Fairmont State story is one of boundless opportunity, and I’m eager to share our achievements and impact in an engaging, direct and measurable way."

President Mirta Martin knows that Fairmont State has some ground to cover when it comes to increasing brand awareness. "As we launch dynamic marketing and communication campaigns, we will work to be more strategic to promote our distinctive programs and our people.  Many new initiatives are already underway to improve enrollment and retention on campus, and University Relations and Marketing will play a critical role in telling our story and spreading our footprint."

One of Dugan’s first tasks is to create a consistent brand for Fairmont State University. “’Brand’ is made up of far more than a logo or a tagline,” she said. “A strong brand is easily and quickly identifiable, consistent and evocative.” Dugan, in partnership with the Fairmont State University School of Business, is conducting research to better understand how Fairmont State’s internal and external constituents relate to the current brand.

“Fairmont State University will become a ‘branded house’ and not a ‘house of brands’,” said Dugan. “This model will enable us to maximize our exposure and work together to cultivate an authentic and cohesive brand image.”

For the past several years Dugan has worked exclusively in higher education on brand creation and management, and on finding campus-wide integrated multimedia marketing and communication solutions. "Fairmont State has many achievements, and it is time to be less humble,” she said. “We should shout our accomplishments from the rooftops and tell the stories of our Falcon family- stories about the best and brightest faculty, staff, and students in West Virginia and the country.”

In addition to new leadership, University Relations and Marketing now has a new home in 223 Turley Center. Staff were formerly housed on the first floor of Wallman Hall and on the main floor of Hardway Hall.

"Our new location and function will allow for a more collaborative work environment within the division – we aim to be nimble, responsive, and strategic as we serve the campus community and beyond," said Dugan. "University Relations and Marketing serves as the face of this institution, and we need to be right in the middle of the action."

University Relations and Marketing is responsible for press releases, media management, photography and videography, the university website, social media, advertising, marketing, brand creation and management, and design services.