Fairmont State celebrates staff achievements during annual award ceremony

Monday, May 16, 2022

On Wednesday, May 11 Fairmont State honored staff during the University's first Staff Award Ceremony since the COVID pandemic. During the ceremony staff were applauded for their dedication to the University, while several received awards and recognition. 

“I wish to say thank you to all of you,” said Fairmont State University President, Mirta M. Martin. “I want to let you know that you are not forgotten – that your work does not go unnoticed. It is quite the opposite, it is very much noticed, and it is very much appreciated. You all are the dedicated staff of Fairmont State University, you are the dedicated family of Fairmont State University. We are who we are because of you.” 

Several were recognized throughout the ceremony, including the recipients of the Staff Member of the Year, New Staff Member of the Year and Staff Supervisor of the Year Awards, listed as follows: 

Staff Member of the Year 

Ashley Maxey 


Office of Human Resources 

New Staff Member of the Year 

Caitlyn B. Lampinen 

Coordinator of Accreditation and Administrative Operations 

College of Nursing 

Staff Supervisor of the Year 

Lori A. Schoonmaker 


Office of the Registrar 

The following 58 staff members were recognized for their years of service, ranging from five – 35 years: 

35 Years of Service: 

·     Monica Cochran 

30 Years of Service: 

·     Robert Cable 

·     Amie Fazalare 

·     Holly Fluharty 

·     George Herrick 

·     Lenora Montgomery 

·     Barbara Phillips 

25 Years of Service: 

·     Jolie Carpenter 

·     Senta Chmiel 

·     Miwa Edwards 

·     Stephanie Gabor 

·     Kenneth Whetsell 

20 Years of Service: 

·     Heidi Aloe 

·     Christy Burner 

·     Antoinette Hines 

·     Tina Malcomb 

·     Elizabeth McCutcheon 

·     Victoria McVaney 

·     Patricia Murray-Fidura 

·     Joyce Riffle 

·     Joyce Rose 

·     Linda Toothman 

·     Robin Yeager 

15 Years of Service: 

·     Karen Beal 

·     Shana Bock 

·     Leticia Cavicchio 

·     Todd Ensign 

·     Erica Garrett 

·     Ladai Harris 

·     Elizabeth Headley 

·     Mistie Martin 

·     Michael Murphy 

·     Lori Postlethwait 

·     Debra Russell 

·     Jessica Sharps 

·     Valerie Woofter 

10 Years of Service: 

·     Zachery Alderson 

·     Zachary Curry 

·     William Ehrhart 

·     Travis Hinkle 

·     Kellie Moorehead 

·     Jeanie Spitznogle 

·     Jason Woodman 

·     Andrew Zicafoose 

Five Years of Service: 

·     Ryan Courtney 

·     Danielle Cutri 

·     Lindsey Cutright 

·     James Gaines 

·     Jamie Gilmore 

·     Charles Gray 

·     Jessica Hayhurst 

·     John Light 

·     Joellen Ralphsnyder 

·     Jamie Samples 

·     Serena Scully 

·     Robert Sole 

·     Lyvon Thompson 

·     Theresa Twigg 

Staff retirees were also recognized for their service to the University including: 

Martha Amos 

Academic Business Manager 

College of Business and Aviation 

25 years of service 

Sherry Baldwin 

Human Resources Representative, Sr. 


17 years of service 

Rachel Claypool 

Administrative Secretary, Sr. 

College of Science and Technology 

7 years of service 

Janis Conrad 

Manager of Printing Services 

University Relations and Marketing 

15 years of service 

Georgeann Cain 

Program Assistant II 

University Relations and Marketing 

15 years of service 

Cynthia Curry 

Vice President of Human Resources 

Human Resources 

19 years of service 

Suzanne Gripper 

Certification Analyst 

Enrollment Services/Registrar's Office 

20 years of service 

Trucilla Harton 

Program Assistant I 

College of Business and Aviation 

26 years of service 

David Joseph 

Technology Specialist 

Information Technology 

15 years of service 

Cynthia Knight 

Administrative Secretary, Sr. 


40 years of service 

Lisa Knutti 

Food Service Worker 

Dining Services 

30 years of service 

Maria Marshall 

Human Resources Supervisor 

Human Resources 

29 years of service 

Fran McClure 

Business Analyst 

Information Technology 

23 years of service 

Marvin Miller 

Trades Specialist Lead II – Plumber 


16 years of service 

James Richards 

Administrative Associate 


40 years of service 

Erich Sorenson 

Network/Phone Specialist 

Information Technology 

17 years of service 

Carolyn Wycoff 

Library Technical Assistant I 


24 years of service 

In addition, two staff scholarships were awarded. A full-time scholarship of $3,000 for one academic year was awarded to Katie Burner as she pursues a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Safety. The second, part-time scholarship of $1,500 for one academic year was awarded to Derek Overfield as he pursues a Master of Education in Professional Studies with a concentration in Digital Media and Learning. 

The ceremony concluded with closing words from the Staff Council Chair, George Herrick. 

“As staff, you are the cogs in the machine that make this university work. Nothing would get done, and I mean nothing, without the staff,” Herrick said. “You all serve a valuable function that this university depends on. It is because of you that we have students, it is because of you that we have faculty to teach their classes, and it is because of you that students have everything they need to complete their educations.”