Exhibit by Jeremy Entwistle on Display in Wallman Hall

Friday, January 30, 2015

The Fairmont State University School of Fine Arts opens its spring 2015 gallery season with “clear, hold, build,” a solo show by FSU faculty member Jeremy Entwistle. The exhibit is on display through Thursday, Feb. 12, in the J.D. Brooks Gallery, located on the fourth floor of Wallman Hall. 

Entwistle received his B.F.A. from Alfred University in 1998 and his M.F.A. from West Virginia University in 2007 and is currently coordinating the FSU sculpture and foundry department. 

“clear, hold, build” focuses on the continuing degradation of domestic infrastructure through a series of free-standing and wall-mounted works, referencing critical civil engineering components such as bridge hinges and support girders, that are all too often ignored. These emblems of infrastructure are juxtaposed against imagery of, or references to, military machinery or intelligence technology, which Entwistle says all too often dominate our budgetary priorities. The scale of the free-standing work, with subtle combinations of weathered paint, oxidized alloys, natural and treated wood and industrial fasteners make the pieces approachable, yet dense and stoic, while the wall-mounted precision road sign installations offer a more cold and calculated interpretation of our current domestic infrastructure crisis.

Entwistle’s work is an investigation into materials and processes and how these elements work with each other in the realm of industry, structure, aesthetics and abstraction. His constructions reference the figure as a human, individual and element within our social structure.  

Entwistle says: “My continuing experiences as a creative maker give me a unique perspective on the importance of different construction-grade materials, and how our dependence on function and structure can be a conceptual and aesthetic venue. I am also attempting to show that the utilization of these materials and processes is often necessary within our society, can enter political discourse, and yet is rarely relished as an artistic edifice.”

A closing reception is planned for 6 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 12, at the J.D. Brooks Gallery. Entwistle’s work also may be viewed at www.entwisjj.com. Follow the Fairmont State 3D Department at www.facebook.com/FSUsculpture.