“Thinkfast” Game Show on Campus June 1

Sunday, June 01, 2014

A “fun and exciting” family event is coming to Fairmont.

“Thinkfast” is an interactive game show that allows the audience to participate in activities while learning about a topic. The event is intended for families to attend.

Marion County Family Resource Network is sponsoring the event in order to help teach and increase the awareness of a variety of topics. Debbie Mann, interim director of the Family Resource Network, said the event begins when people show up.

“When people come in, they can partner up and get a clicker (digital remote). It’s like being in an interactive game show,” she said. “You’re a participant even though you’re in the audience.”

At the end of the show, a $200 cash prize will be awarded.

“It’s like being on a game show, and you want to get to the finals,” Mann said. “There will be cash prizes. They do timed tests along the way, (and) you can win prizes that way, too.”

Mann said topics during the show will include “substance abuse prevention, highway safety, texting and driving, social media awareness” and many others.

Thinkfast is geared toward high school and college students and families.

Ryan Fox, 21, attended a conference with high school students last November. Thinkfast was at the conference, and Fox said the students he was with enjoyed the audience interaction during the show.

“... It’s a friendly competition. They get you interacting, and they get you thinking,” Fox said. “They are optimistic, which makes you optimistic, and you have fun as well.”

Thinkfast will begin at 5 p.m. Sunday, June 1, at Colebank Hall at Fairmont State University.

“This is a very fun and exciting way (to learn). Everyone can have a good time,” Mann said. “When you leave, you feel like you’ve had a good time, but you’ve learned something from the experience.”

This story by Richard Babich is posted here with permission from the Times West Virginian. E-mail Richard Babich at rbabich@timeswv.com or follow him on Twitter@rbabichTWV.