CJ Professor Interviewed for Book

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Fairmont State Community & Technical College Coordinator and Associate Professor of Criminal Justice Les Boggess was interviewed recently for a book titled, "They Teach That in College!? A Resource Guide to More Than 75 Interesting College Majors and Programs."

The interview with Boggess appears in a question and answer format in a chapter on homeland security. In the interview, he discusses the homeland security program at Fairmont State. Students enrolled in the multi-track degree program can choose to follow criminal justice, aviation, safety or emergency medical records tracks. The program is offered as a two-year associate degree, but frequently students who are enrolled in the program are also enrolled in the four-year criminal justice program offered by Fairmont State University.

Boggess also discusses the various career opportunities associated with homeland security and the personal qualities a student should possess in order to be successful in the program and in their post-college career.

"There will be many jobs created in the next few years that do not currently exist," Boggess says in discussing the Department of Homeland Security as a potential career path for graduates. "Although it is unfortunate that these jobs are necessary, political reality suggests that we must, of necessity, become a more careful society, guarding against attacks both from outside and from within."

The book was published this year and is being distributed by College & Career Press, LLC, in Chicago.