Honors Students Begin Semester with Luau

Friday, September 07, 2012

On Aug. 23, the Honors Program had a Luau to welcome all their new members to Fairmont State University.

The Luau is an annual tradition, explained Honors Program President Anthony Errigo. He stated that the event has two main goals. The event is constructed to welcome the new students and to help form bonds between the new and existing members of the program. “It’s our welcome to them; we want it to be fun,” Errigo said.

Errigo said the Luau was very successful this year, helping Honors Program members begin to form bonds as a learning community. He was pleased with the turnout for the event.

“It just shows we’re off to a great start,” Errigo said. “The Honors Program isn’t just about academics. We are a true community. These events are designed to build this community. We would like our members to attend events so that they can be a part of it.”

Around 112 new students joined the Honors Program this year, according to the Director of the Fairmont State Honors Program, Dr. Robert Baker. 

“For many of them, being with students of similar caliber who are also serious about their work is a refreshing change from what they have experienced in high school,” Baker said.

Errigo encourages students who are dedicated to learning to join the Honors Program.

“Being a part of the Honors Program, is essentially being a part of a collection of students who really strive for an education. Our members know that Fairmont State University is not a diploma factory. You don’t come here for just a diploma, but you come to expand your thinking and to really experience a higher education,” Errigo said.

He added that the real goal is not earning a diploma, but the process a student goes through to earn one.

Students must apply for admission into the Honors Program and must meet certain academic requirements. Students must have a 26 composite score on the ACT or an 1180 on the SAT. 

Errigo said that any current student who is interested in the program may apply. He added, “Being interested is the first step.”