Committee Reviewing and Revising Strategic Plan

Friday, April 16, 2010

A committee chaired by Dr. Rick Harvey, Dean of the School of Business, has been charged with re-examining and updating the FSU Strategic Plan.

"Most major organizations review their strategic plans on a regular basis to make sure they are on course. Objectives and the goals may change or the way they are implemented may change, the leadership of the organization may change, the structure of the organization may change, etc. Because all of these factors have changed the context of the strategic plan Fairmont State, it is an appropriate time for a mid-course correction," Harvey said.

FSU President Tom Krepel selected the following representatives of campus and community constituency groups to comprise the committee: Dr. Rick Harvey, Kelley Bronson, Veronica Gallo, Dr. Tony Gilberti, Charley Hively, Dr. Gwen Jones, Dr. John O'Connor, Dr. Tim Oxley, Butch Phillips, Joyce Rose, Dr. Chuck Shields, Sandy Shriver, George Yost and Bill Finley.

The current 2006-2011 Strategic Plan remains in effect. When planning process began in 2005-2006, the plan that was created was intended to be more than just words on paper. It was intended to be a "living and breathing" guide to move FSU and Pierpont Community & Technical College into the future. At that time FSU and Pierpont were a combined institution.

The past few years have brought with them dramatic changes. FSU and Pierpont are now legally separate institutions; the nation's economic climate has suffered; and the number of traditional college age students continues to decrease.

President Krepel hopes the Strategic Planning committee can evaluate the 2006-2011 Strategic Plan based on this changed context.

"I recognize much hard work and research went into crafting the original plan, and our intent is not to write a new plan," Krepel said. "This committee is charged with re-examining the current plan and making revisions and updates. There are some areas of the plan that may no longer be relevant, while other areas of the plan may need to be strengthened.

"It is my goal that a revised Strategic Plan will be circulated to other stakeholders and be mostly complete by the end of the academic year. In the fall, I would like to have a short but intense conversation to finalize the plan and continue its implementation."