Celebration of Student Scholarship Planned for April 14

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The annual Celebration of Student Scholarship showcases the creative work of Fairmont State University students with a special day dedicated to their academic achievements.

Another purpose is to recognize faculty mentors whose guidance has helped students reach their academic goals. Student efforts reflect the importance of independent, discipline-specific research as an exceptional learning experience.

The event will take place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday, April 14, in the Falcon Center third floor conference rooms. During the event, students who have conducted undergraduate research will present their findings in oral presentations and poster displays. The celebration is intended to give the campus community a chance to recognize the efforts of the students and their faculty mentors.

"I am proud of our faculty for going above and beyond to make sure our students are engaged in their disciplines and with their peers and with mentors. These experiences prepare our students for the next level of development, whether that is a job or graduate school. Most importantly, these experiences help prepare students for their citizenship and leadership responsibilities in a free society," said Dr. Tom Krepel, FSU President.

The Celebration of Student Scholarship has its roots in a proposal made 10 years ago by faculty members Ann Shaver and Elaine Bartgis that Fairmont State should have an annual symposium for students to present the results of their outstanding work. The first celebration was developed in April 2002 by Dr. Angela Schwer. The event continued under the sponsorship of the Honors Program until four years ago when Dr. Phillip Mason expanded the event and gave it the shape it has today.        

"Teaching and learning are important to Fairmont State University, so it is essential that opportunities to participate in a variety of learning activities and research projects are provided to students. Research that supports inquiry-based learning, scholarship and creative accomplishments can and does foster effective, high levels of student learning," said Dr. Maria Rose, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs.

Dr. Barbara Fallon, Interim Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence, and Dr. J. Robert Baker, Director of Honors, are overseeing the planning of this year's celebration.

"We are particularly delighted to have a panel this year that is exploring social justice as part of a grant awarded us by the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission," Fallon said.

The panel will examine the idea of social justice from a number of diverse views, including the legalization of social norms, the concept of social justice, the plight of Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi and the revolutionary transformation of societies by technology.

Baker said that with 35 students making presentations and another 18 with posters, this is one of the largest Celebration of Student Scholarship events.

"The groundwork for the Celebration really lies in Fairmont State's and Pierpont's support of undergraduate research with grants through the year and during the summer," he said.

Participating student scholars are the following: Alex Ashley, Joseph Barnosky, Ivy Bartlett, Jessica Balsei, Natalie Benincosa, Robert Bolton, James Bright, Dea Clayton, Cora Childress, Floyd Conaway, Marc Corne, Thomas R. Devine, Lauren Eli, David Elster, Charlie French, Dena Jana Gilchrist, Stacy Goff, Elizabeth Golden, Sue Goodwin, Kayla Grose, Derek Grubb, Tyrone Hodges, Samantha Huffman, Stephanie Jack, Mike Johnson, Heidi L. Kave, Caitlyn Jones, Sean Marko, Doug Matthews, Bertha Ann Mish, Bruce McGlumphy, Tabitha Neuhauser, Celi Oliveto, Nick Oliveto, Clarence Pearson, C. Shane Poletti, Tera Rexroad, Amanda Poster, Beth Reynolds, Heather Richards, Bethany Rosser, Jane Ryan, Aaron Saas, Megan Sapp, Dana Sayre, Teresa Sestito, Kathryn E. Shields, Matt Snyder, Jennifer Stafford, Megan Thomas, Arnold Triplett, Dustin VanPelt, Angela Veith, Charlotte Veith, Michael Vozniak, Amanda Walker, Megan Walters, Ryan Ware, Christopher Warnick, Colby White and Michelle Yost.

Faculty mentors for the participating students are the following: Mit Abbot, Professor, Department of Engineering Technology; David Abruzzino, Professor, Department of Social Sciences; J. Robert Baker, Professor, Department of Language and Literature; Mary Lynne Bennett, Professor, School of Fine Arts; Barbara Fallon, Interim Director of Center for Teaching Excellence; Rebecca Giorcelli, Assistant Professor of Information Systems; Susan Goodwin, Professor, Department of Computer Science; Marian Hollinger, Professor, School of Fine Arts; Mahmood Hossain, Professor, Department of Computer Science; Tad Kato, Professor, Department of Behavioral Science; Ken Millen-Penn, Professor, Department of Social Science; Deborah Nestor, Professor, Department of Language and Literature; Vijay Raol, Professor, Department of Engineering Technology; Clarence Rohrbaugh, Professor, Department of Behavioral Science; Elizabeth Savage, Professor, Department of Language and Literature; Charles Shields, Professor, Department of Social Science; and Don Trisel, Professor, Department of Biology.

Members of the Celebration of Student Scholarship Selection/Organizing Committee are the following: Professor J. Robert Baker, Director of Honors Program, English; Assistant Professor Mary Burnell, Accounting; Assistant Professor Pamela Davey Huggins, Biology; Assistant Professor Francene Kirk, Speech; Professor Mary Meighen, Nursing; and Associate Professor Elizabeth Savage, Co-Editor of "TRACTS," English.

Undergraduate Research Advisory Council members are J. Robert Baker, chair; Christina Lavorata, ex officio; Judy P. Byers; Mark Flood; Rebecca Giorcelli; Steven Hardy; John O'Connor; Sharon Smith; Donald Trisel; and Frances Young.