Business Etiquette Dinner Gives Students Real-Life Practice

Monday, March 01, 2010

In today's highly competitive business world, proper etiquette skills are extremely important for business professionals who must know how to conduct themselves and represent their company in social settings.

A Business Etiquette Dinner and Reception on Tuesday, March 2, will give Fairmont State University students an opportunity to improve their ability to present a positive impression during a formal business dinner.

The event is a combined effort of the Fairmont State University School of Business, the Career Services Center, the Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) student organization and the Students in Human Resource Management (SHRM) student organization. Hosted at the Bridgeport Conference Center, the event begins at 6 p.m. with a "mocktail" reception and is followed by a seated, multi-course meal at 7 p.m. The Business Etiquette Dinner is open to all FSU students. Student tickets for the dinner are $30.

The event will be hosted by Sally Fry, Director of the Career Services Center at FSU and a Certified Etiquette Consultant. Business representatives and recruiters from the region will be seated at each table to engage and interact with the participating students.

"Confidence often increases as more knowledge is gained about what is appropriate or inappropriate etiquette in such situations," Fry said. "An important point about etiquette is that the rules of behavior are often subtle. If students learn these rules, then they can focus their attention more on getting to know their dinner companions and less on second-guessing their dining habits. The negative effects of inappropriate attire, improper conversation, and poor social skills can cause students more than an embarrassment; it can cost them a potential job."

Over the past semester, the School of Business made arrangements with Business Communication Coaching Group to offer five BCCG Career ShortsTM to business students for $25 per student. The 45- to 60-minute courses are delivered over the internet, and each course comes with a quiz, downloadable class cheat sheet summarizing critical learning points and a certificate of completion. The Business Etiquette online courses include: dining etiquette, what to wear, body languages, cross-cultural interactions and other business etiquette and management topics. The Career Transition and Growth category includes topics such as interview, networking, self-promotion and other career transition and management topics.

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