International Photography Contest Winners Announced

Monday, March 31, 2014

The Fairmont State University Department of Language and Literature has announced winners of its International Photography Contest.

First-place winners are Kevin Rucker and Megha Basnet, and second-place winners are Kevin McGrath and Deewa Adhikari. First-place prizes were $100, and second-place prizes were $50. The winning photos were taken in Paris, Macedonia and Nepal.

Conducted during the fall 2013 semester, the competition was divided into two separate categories. The first category consisted of photos taken by FSU students while studying abroad. The second category consisted of photos taken by international students who are currently studying at Fairmont State University. Entries were judged by a committee consisting of professors from the Department of Language and Literature.

“I hope these photos will inspire others to explore and interact globally.

International experience is an essential part of higher education,” said Dr. Erin Hippolyte. “Congratulations to the winners of this competition, and thank you to all the students who submitted photos to this year’s competition.”


About the photo: Seen here is Kevin Rucker's winning photo.