Student Conduct Appeals

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Student Appeals

Students are entitled to request an appeal for each incident. Requests for an appeal must be made within five (5) business days of the Outcome Letter. Students appealing to the Vice President of Student Success must be appealing a decision made by the Director of Student Conduct. Housing violations that are determined by a Housing officials are not appealable on this form and should follow the Residential Conduct Appeals Process.

Grounds for Appeal

Grounds for an appeal are considered if any of the following are met:

  1. The Office of Student Conduct did not have proper jurisdiction;
  2. The underlying proceeding was conducted unfairly in light of the charges and evidence present, and in conformity with the proscribed procedures, such that it resulted in a significant prejudice to the student or University;
  3. The decision reached was clearly unreasonable based on the information presented;
  4. Disciplinary sanction imposed was too severe for the violation; or
  5. The sanction imposed included suspension or expulsion.

Appeal Decision

  1. The written appeal should include any supporting documents, videos, or witness statements.
  2. 2.    While an appeal is pending, student conduct sanctions are suspended until the Vice President of Student Success has acted upon the request and a final resolution has been reached. An exception may occur to ensure the health, safety, or well-being of members of the campus community or to preserve property.
  3. The Vice President of Student Success  may:
    1. Deny the appeal;
    2. Modify, reduce, or otherwise limit the sanction(s) imposed;
    3. Direct the Office of Student Conduct to provide the student with a new Conduct Conference; or
    4. Remand the matter to the Director of Student Conduct with specific instructions that shall be carried out. 

Appeal Procedure

  1. Complete this Appeal Request Form.
  2. Attach all relevant documents to support your basis for appeal.
  3. Send any additional documentation to the Office of the Vice President for Student Success at
  4. The Vice President of Student Success or designee shall consider the appeal and any supporting documentation provided by the student.
  5. The Vice President of Student Success shall deliver a decision within thirty (30) calendar days of receipt of the appeal, except where adherence to such time period would be impracticable.
  6. Students who do not submit their appeals within five (5) business days of the date of the Outcome Letter waive their opportunity to appeal.
  7. Students who do not provide sufficient information to support the basis of their appeal waive their opportunity to appeal

Appeal Request


Please select basis for your appeal from one or more of reasons listed below. Provide facts, documentation, or perspective to support your appeal for each basis you select. Send any additional documentation to the Office of the Vice President for Student Success at