Spring 2021 COVID-19 Testing Exemption Form

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In response to a mandate by West Virginia Governor Jim Justice, Fairmont State University's spring semester COVID-19 Surveillance Testing will be held Feb. 1 through the week prior to finals. Testing will once again be a self-administered saliva-based test. Ten percent of our on-campus student population (students who take classes, report to work, or use campus facilities during the semester) will be randomly selected to participate each week.   

Students who are enrolled in all online classes and those who completed a testing exemption certification at the start of the semester and are not on campus at any time throughout the semester, will not be included in the surveillance testing program. If you completed this exemption forn at the start of the semester, you do NOT need to complete the below form. Students who have tested positive in the last 90 days, and have notified us of the positive test result, will not be included during the 90-day exemption.

Although this is not an exhaustive list, if you are doing any of the following, even once during the semester, you must participate in the COVID-19 Testing Program.

  • Work from an on-campus office
  • Reside in an on-campus residence hall
  • Eat in the Falcon Center
  • Walk the campus grounds
  • Use the Library, including reference materials or computer labs
  • Meet with students or clubs
  • Attend a campus event
  • Attend an employee meeting

If after reading the above information, you still believe you qualify for an exemption because you will not spend any time on campus this semester, please complete the below information. As part of receiving an exemption, you will also be asked to certify that you will not be on campus in any capacity during the spring 2021 semester.