Illness and Quarantine Reporting Form

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Are you feeling sick? If so, there are two important things you must do. 

    • In an effort to keep campus as healthy as possible from all illnesses, it is important that you isolate if you are feeling sick in any way. This means you should only attend class remotely, fill out the illness reporting form, wear your mask and avoid other individuals. 
    • When you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 or any illness, it is important to immediately fill out this Illness and Quarantine Reporting Form. This information assists the University’s contact tracing efforts to ensure the safety of our campus community. All students and employees are required to complete this form, regardless of your vaccination status.  

Please note, you must complete this Illness and Quarantine Reporting Form if any of the following applies to you: 

  • You are experiencing symptoms associated with COVID-19
  • You are unvaccinated and have been exposed to a COVID-19 positive individual
  • You test positive for COVID-19