Guest Registration

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This form is for registerring to have a guest in the Residence Halls. Please take time to fill out this form carefully. Failure to fill out this form correctly may result in your registration being invalid, meaning you can be held responsible for a visitation violation. If you have any questions, please ask your RA or RD. 

What is the name of the Host (the person who is having a guest). Please use your legal name, with any preferred name in parentheses.
Please select an email address you will be checking in the event we need to contact you. We will not use this email for school related information, this email is meant for contact tracing purposes.
Please select a number you have access too. If you do not have a cell phone number, please note that above.
The name of the guest you are going to be having over. Please use their legal name, place any preferred names in parentheses such as John (Joe) Doe
Please give us an email that the guest has access too. This email is to be used for contact tracing purposes.
Please give us a phone number for the guest who will be staying with you. This number will be used for contact tracing purposes. If they do not have a number, please notify us in the text field above.
What dates are your guests going to be staying? Please note that guests may not stay more than TWO consecutive nights, and 3 nights in a 7 day period.
If they do, please contact an RA between 2:00 PM and 10:00 PM to show them the negative test result.