Staff and Advisory Committee

Folklife Center Staff

Pat Musick, M.Phil
Interim Director

Beth Martin, RBA
Administrative Assistant

J. Tyler Chadwell, MA
Professor of Folklore Studies 

Marian Hollinger, Ph.D
Museum Studies Coordinator

Tiffany Martin, MA
Project Coordinator

Judy P. Byers, Ed.D
Professor of Folklore Studies

Lynette Swiger, MA
Professor of Folk Music

Michael Ray, MA
Professor of Folk Arts

Advisory Committee:

Victor Basile David Mathews
Judith Biafore Dr. Betty Crickard McCartney
Joe Brock Charlotte Meade
Dr. George F. Byers Phyllis Moore
Ron Chrislip Patricia Murray-Fidura
Mary Lucille DeBarry Dr. Beth Thorne Newcome
Dr. Fred Fidura Dr. Anne Paterson
Jane W. Gabor Dr. Ron Pearse
Mort Gamble Sarah Lowther Hensley
Mary Reed Charley Hively
Dr. Sharon Hiltz Tammy Holden
Dr. Angela Schwer Leigh Ann Hood
Leah Stern Beverly Jones
Mary Stewart Dr. Fran Kirk
Dr. Kenneth Sullivan Dr. Donna Long
Elaine Watson Jo Ann Lough
Meredith Sue Willis Gayle Manchin
Dr. Jack Wills Susan Maslowski
June Riffle