Camp Activities

Falcon Center Summer Day Camp plans to offer a vast array of organized, recreational activities for all the children to participate in. Below are some of the activities that our camp will have to offer.

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Special outsider entertainers will be brought in once a week to participate in a fun, entertainment style show for the children. Some of the weekly entertainment may include:

Bounce Houses

Police Department

Fire Department



Each session the children will participate in many different sports. We focus on teaching the children fun drills, skills and competition towards that specific sport.


tennis soccer



The day camp will now have a bounce house as part of the weekly activities.  Each week the campers will have one day in which they will visit the bounce house multiple times a day!





swimEach day, the Campers will have the opportunity to get into the Falcon Center pool.  Free swim will be set for Monday, Wedensday & Friday while educational swim days will be set for Tuesday and Thursday.  The activities for education swim will be structured around the  American Red Cross swimming activities & guidelines. 
Children will have brief safety lessons each day prior to entering the water.  

The falcon center pool is a 4 lane, 25 yard pool with individual lane markers. The pool depth ranges from 3 feet, 6 inches on each end to 4 feet, 6 inches in the middle. The average water temperature of the pool is 83°.

*Times may vary based on weather, staffing and pool hours of operation.


swim2 swim



Each day, groups will have a wide variety of recreational games to participate in along with other scheduled activities. All recreational games will be organized and age specific based on the groups. Games may range from group/ individual contests to group/individual skill learning. Such games may include basketball, soccer, tennis, volleyball, water volleyball, board games and many more!

dance dance kickball



 Throughout the week, groups may have the opportunity to go to the fitness studio to get dance instruction by one of our instructors in one of our multipurpose rooms. Specific dance classes will be geared towards each skill level.

dance dance 2



Children will also have the opportunity to have Arts & Crafts each day. This class will be taught by a teacher with arts and craft experience as well as child care experience. Specific classes will be geared towards each age group. 

puzzle arts




Falcon Center Summer Day Camp is a great way to spend the summer and make friends. Its also a great way to meet new friends in your area. FSU tries extremely hard to ensure each child enjoys every minute at camp and has fun on a daily basis. There's no better way to do that than with great staff and great campers. We encourage socialization and good well-behaved campers over all other aspects. We want everyone to know that when you attend our camp, you're getting the best!