Fitness Classes

Fitness On Demand enables any users the ability to pick  group fitness classes at the touch of a button! There are hundreds of exercise videos available, from kickboxing and dance to yoga and cycling — and new classes are updated monthly. Come to Fitness Room A whenever there are no classes scheduled and pick your own class. 

 Easy to use in 3 Steps 
1.  Come to Fitness Room A - drop in anytime 
2.  Pick your class from the iPad 
3.  Enjoy your Workout

Fitness Class Policies

  • Classes are a group activity; we request that you follow the instructor's routine. 
  • The warm-up at the beginning of the class is an important part of the workout; please try to attend each class from the start. 
  • Be considerate of others' workout space. 
  • Please wait for a class to conclude before entering the studio to setup for the next scheduled class. 
  • Appropriate exercise attire (including shoes) should be worn at all times. 
  • Please leave personal belongings and gym bags in the locker room. 
  • Close-able, unbreakable water bottles are permitted and must be kept at the perimeter of the studio. 
  • We request that cell phones be on silent mode.