Fairmont State University Mascot

Falcon Mascot Application

    • Online application
    • In-person interview
    • In-suit audition
  • Requirements to Apply
    • Must have and maintain a GPA of 2.5 or above
      • If GPA slips below 2.5, you will be placed on probation and required to work with tutoring services
    • Be a full time undergraduate or graduate Fairmont State student.
    • Must be physically capable of supporting the costume and performing effectively.
    • Must have the ability to perform strenuous athletic movements while in costume.
    • Must have no health or physical issues which would hamper your ability to perform as the Falcon or which might cause performing as the Falcon to be unsafe to your health.
    • Must have personal medical insurance and complete a Medical Release and Code of Conduct Form.The Department of Intramurals, nor Fairmont State University has medical insurance coverage.
    • The Falcon will conduct himself/herself in a suitable manner required of a representative of Fairmont State University.Prior to and while in uniform, the Falcon WILL NOT consume any alcoholic beverages.While in uniform the Falcon will not use any form of tobacco products regardless of age.
    • Must demonstrate positive school spirit.Must provide crowd participation/interaction and assistance for all in-game promotions.May be required to pose for game day and special event pictures.
    • Schedule flexibility is a must.You will be issued an institutional excuse for any event that conflicts with your current semester schedule. As the Falcon, you will be required to attend:
      • FSU Home Athletic Events
      • Foundation / Alumni Events
      • Student Activities Events on campus lasting no more than 1-2 hours
      • Limited Community Engagements
      • Other events deemed necessary by the Department or Office of the President

For information regarding the Falcon please contact the Department of Intramurals & Recreation:  304-367-4291 or email tmascaro@fairmontstate.edu  (Director)

If you'd like to request the Falcon to be in attendance at an event please use this link:  Mascot Request