Club Sports - Dance Team

Dance Team

Student Representative

Katelyn Hollar

Mackensie Broadhurst

The Dance Team is a Club Sport that falls under the Department of Intramurals & Recreation at Fairmont State University. The purpose of the Dance Team is to support Fairmont State's intercollegiate athletics as well as various on and off campus functions. The team shows their support by performing routines to encourage crowd attention on the court, to help foster an exciting and enthusiastic atmosphere alongside the cheerleaders at men's and women's home basketball and football games and other various institution and community events. 

The Dance Team performs jazz, hip hop, and pom style routines with skill and technique attained through years of dance experience. The team practices 2-3 days a week for 2-3 hours at each practice as well as participating in team workouts to maintain optimal fitness. 

Auditions to select the following years team are held at the end of the spring semester, or as needed, and all current full-time students enrolled in Fairmont State University are eligible to tryout. The season begins in August with camp to prepare for football season and ends at the end of basketball season.