Code of Conduct - Policies

As part of the University Code of Conduct, all students, faculty/staff and community members are required to engage in responsible social conduct that reflects credit upon the University and College community and to model good citizenship in any community.

Anyone in the Falcon Center who violates the University Code of Conduct is subject to the loss of recreation privileges as well as possible Judicial Hearings.

To learn more about the Student Code of Conduct, please CLICK HERE.


General Harassment Policy

Fairmont State University does not permit, allow, or condone harassment in the work place, or of members of the University community, and wants to provide an environment free of any form of harassment. Harassment is defined as any form of conduct that would be offensive, intimidating, or threatening to the average person and is done on the basis of race, national origin, ethnicity, age, veteran status, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender, and association with persons different from oneself. Harassment may be of a sexual, racial, or more general nature.


Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is unwanted and repeated sexual advances, usually by a person who has power or authority over another.  The harassment can take many forms - from touching, fondling, and lewd comments to coercive sexual intercourse.  What is common in every case is a fear that confrontation or denial of the request can mean loss of employment, failing grades, or poor medical care.  Because victims of sexual harassment often feel that they precipitated the advances, confrontation is difficult. For contact information on Sexual Harassment, please CLICK HERE.  


Campus Solicitation

The administrative offices of the Falcon Center will approve any requests for solicitation. Please see the Campus Solicitation Procedures and necessary Campus Solicitation Permit Application.