FSU Faculty Senate

The FSU Faculty Senate acts as the principal agent of the Faculty of Fairmont State University in policy determination. The Faculty delegates to the Faculty Senate the power to act as its representative body in carrying out the purposes expressed in the Constitution of the Faculty of Fairmont State University.


Senate Officers 2021-2022
President - Chuck Shields (2022)
Vice President - Donna Long (2022)
Secretary - Jason Noland (2022)
Webmaster - Robert Jon Niichel (2022)
Executive Committee Member-at-Large - Jim Davis (2022)
Executive Committee Member-at-Large - Todd Clark (2022)
Executive Committee Member-at-Large - Stephen Rice (2022)


    Upcoming Meetings

    The Senate meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month with the exceptions noted by *.

    Date Time Location Agenda Additional Documents
    International Education 4/12/21 12:30pm
    General Studies Committee Meeting 4/15/22 12:30pm
    Faculty Welfare 4/28/22 12:30pm