A Taste of Then and Now: Fairmont State University’s Sesquicentennial Community Cookbook.

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CookbookFairmont State University’s Classified Staff Council and the Human Resources Office are proud to announce the upcoming publication of the FSU Sesquicentennial community cookbook:  A Taste of Then and Now.   (The attached image does not do justice to the true cover, designed by Tammy Holden with Cindy Staley’s photography.  It will be comb-bound in burgundy, with the title on the spine in gold.  It is gorgeous!)

All proceeds from the cookbook will go to FSU Staff Council’s classified staff scholarship and programs and to the Robert L. Heffner, Jr., Endowed Scholarship in Graphic Arts.

This book contains over 300 recipes, activities and crafts, all relating not only to our University on the Hill, but to our region in general.  It includes the favorite recipes of faculty, staff, students, alumni, Pierpont colleagues and community members, past and present; and there’s a special Appalachia, West Virginia and Fairmont section chock-full of old-time recipes, arts, crafts, activities and lore specific to our region.  Recipe notes tell you the history of a recipe, what made it “famous” among family, friends and co-workers and give you suggested changes or alternate preparation.  Even if you’re not a cook, this will be a hoot to read!

The book will be delivered before Thanksgiving, just in time for fall and winter holiday gift-giving.

Cost per book is $12.00; $15.00 per book for mail fulfillment.  Sorry—no volume discounts or special prices.

This will be a limited run of 1,000 copies.

Make sure you reserve yours by sending an email with your pre-order to cindy.curry@fairmontstate.edu. All you need do is tell us how many books you wish to reserve for your purchase.  This guarantees that your requested number of books will be reserved for you.  If you change your mind later, you are not obligated to purchase any or all of your pre-order; but we can guarantee cookbook copies only for those who pre-order.  First-come, first-served.

Pickup times/places and information on how to pay will be announced once the books have arrived.

Make sure you get your piece of Fairmont State history—pre-order today!


Have you seen the Sesquicentennial video and other information on our website?  Have you added the Sesquicentennial logo to your email and other correspondence?  How do YOU personally plan to celebrate our first 150 years?  Make no mistake, this will be a year of celebrations, and we think there’s room for one more.

Would YOU like to be a part of the recorded history of this important year?  You can be, and it’s easy! The Fairmont State University Classified Staff Council will be publishing an employee/student/former employee/former student/alumnus/alumna/community member COOKBOOK for 2015—and we want your recipes!Cookbook

You know all of those wonderful potlucks and picnics and parties and office celebrations we’ve had down through the years, the ones with the “Oh, I’ve gotta have that recipe!” and “You HAVE to bring this next time!” and “May I take the rest of this home with me?” comments?  You know those tried-and-true family and friend dishes without which no gathering is complete?  Remember your mom’s or dad’s or grandma’s or uncle’s/aunt’s special recipe, always made with love and always looked forward to by the whole family, if not the whole community?  These are what we want for the Sesquicentennial cookbook!

A note on the Sesquicentennial on the FSU webpage notes, “Thank you for being part of our past, present and future.”  This is so true, and reflects the very nature of Fairmont State, a small community grown large, expanding the horizons of not only our students and employees, but our community and our world.  We have 29,000 alumni out in the world, making a difference, and our impact grows from our modest “University on the Hill” and all who have made changes and have been changed for the better.
Your FSU Staff Council thus invites you to show your pride in your FSU community and history:  Be a part of the Sesquicentennial Cookbook!

Here’s what’s planned so far:

  • The theme is our first 150 years:  “Our past, present and future.”
  • While we have the theme, we need an appropriate title for our cookbook, and so will sponsor in the next several weeks a cookbook title contest, open to the entire campus and community.  More information on this will be sent out in the next couple of weeks—how to enter, how the title will be selected, prizes, etc.
  • Send us your recipes (or “receipts,” as they were called 150 years ago). Send one, send two, send several! 
  • The cookbook will be divided into categories:  soups, appetizers, entrees, breads, desserts, game—however we need to categorize and organize, we will.
  • Include a special note or comment about your recipe:  Did your great-great-grandma pass it down to your mom on her wedding day (past)?  Have you brought this to every office potluck lunch for 25 years (present)?  Do you plan to give this recipe to your son at his wedding shower (future)?
  • Make sure you include your name and the name of the recipe author /recipe title for publication, as well as your department or work unit (if an employee); or your major and degree (if a student), or your year of graduation (if an alum), or your affiliation (if a Board or community member).  Feel free to name your recipe after your great-grandpa, for example:  “Great-Granpa Max Stillman’s Famous Turkey Jerky.”
  • Yes, we want your “old-timey” and country and game recipes.  Feel free to research food and cooking and celebrations and recipes from 150 years ago to the present, We’ll make room for everyone’s contributions!
  • It’s not just about the food.   Do you have a recipe for homemade soap or candle making instructions?  How about field-dressing instructions or an old-time meat-smoking how-to that you’ve adapted to modern times (or not)?  We want those, too!
  • Recipes are due no later than August 31, 2015.
  • Send as many recipes as you like—we’ll include as many as we can; the editor reserves the right not to include recipes that are not appropriate, redundant or that don’t fit.

Additional Information:

  • Pierpont employees are also invited
  • Remember that this book will be a memento of OUR times that honors our past, present and future - give it your best efforts and recipes.
  • We will keep the price as low as we can, and we’ll make the book as large as it needs to be to include everyone and to celebrate this momentous event in FSU’s history.
  • Proceeds from the sale of the books will go toward FSU Staff Council’s Scholarship Fund, which benefits FSU employees and their dependents, and for other Staff Council efforts on behalf of classified staff.
  • Anticipated publication date:  Late spring or early summer of 2015.  If you’re not on campus when the books arrive, no worries:  we will do pre-orders and order enough extras for everyone who’s interested in a purchase (or two).
  • Cookbooks make great gifts!  Finish next year’s holiday shopping in the summer!