Your Instructors

In Summer Workshop 1 we have three modules and three groups of content experts per content area. These are a bunch of fun and wise group of people that enjoy helping teachers do more with their classroom.


Up first is the the Geology crew:

On the left is Mary Sue Burns who recently retired science teacher from Pocahontas High School and summer field geologist with the West Virginia Geological and Ecological Survey, in the middle is Erika Klose who is certified in Earth and Space Science at Winfield Middle School with a M.S. in GIS , and Dr. Deb Hemler was the Rockcamp Assitant Director and Grant Principle investigator from Fairmont State University on the right.


Next is the Meteorology crew:

On the left is Rick Sharpe is a GLOBE instructor from Huntington High School, Dr. Tina Cartwright, Ph.D. in Meteorology, from Marshall University in the middle, and Mollie Ferguson, on the right, who is a former Jason Project coordinator for Glenville State University.


Last, but not least, is the Astronomy crew:

On the left is Sue Ann Heatherly is the science education officer for NRAO Green Bank, in the middle is Chelen Johnson who is a teacher in Minnesota, with a Master's in Astrophysics, and on the right is Ardis Herrold who is a certified Earth and Space Science teacher from Michigan and former President of the National Earth Science Teachers Association (NESTA).


We also have two guest instructors that will come by for days of fun!


Dr. Bob Behling, professor of geology at West Virginia University, explains "It's always a great day for a field trip.":


Robert Strong from SMART Centre in Wheeling, WV that instructs the Astronomy day: