Summer Workshop 2

ESS Passport Engineering Design Workshop

at Fairmont State University

June 16th - 22th, 2019


This workshop brings Earth and Space Science content together with engineering design, helping teachers address the Next Generation standards in different ways. Teachers are provided with training in new technologies that they can use to advance their classroom learning for 21st century learning and engage students. 


NASA IV&V Educator Resource Center (ERC):

The NASA IV&V Educator Resource Center provides resources and training opportunities to prepare thousands of K-12 teachers annually and supports the existing teacher workforce. For this workshop they will provide training on space weather, engineering design, and remote sensing.


Solar Army:

Fairmont State University’s Solar Army is an outreach group that recruits undergraduate and high school students to help them conduct solar research, while teaching lab and research skills.  Participants will conduct engineering design research to evaluate catalysts to split water.



Teachers will be staying at Bryant Place for the duration of the workshop. Opened to students in 2004, Bryant Place is a modern residence hall with suite-style facilities.  Residents of this building will find the community of the more traditional residence halls coupled with a more individual living space. Featuring double residence suites, two participants per suite, a central common area, and private bathroom facilities shared between them.

Kitchen Access
Bryant Place features ten public kitchens, in addition to the microwaves and coffee pots available in all lobbies.  The kitchens are at the end of each wing and contain a stovetop, refrigerator, sink, microwave/convection oven, outlets for residents to plug in additional appliances, and plenty of countertop and cabinet space.


This you need to bring:

Long pants (for lab work)

Closed toe shoes (for lab work)


Toiletries (soap and shampoo)

Garbage sack

optional: extra pillow and/or blankets (blankets and pillows provided are sometimes thin)

Eggcrate Mattress (beds can be firm)

TV (if you want one)

Shower mat

Flip flops (for tile floor)