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Announcing an Earth and Space Science (ESS) Professional Development workshop-

ESS Passport

Are you stressed out about teaching the new Earth and Space Science standards?  Would you like to enhance your knowledge of ESS content?  Are you craving great hands on activities for your ESS class?  Join geoscience experts and master teachers in an exciting two year program to earn your earth and space science passport!

... What you'll do

A.     Year 1.

a. Summer workshop (June 17-30, 2018)

  • Participate in a two week residential workshop at The Green Bank Observatory
  • Work with experts and master teachers in Earth science
  • Gain new knowledge in geology, astronomy, and meteorology concepts
  • Spend time unpacking WV NxGen Standards and three dimensions of NGSS
  • Receive classroom instructional materials
  • Develop grade appropriate lessons and action research projects for the coming year
  • Collaborate with statewide ESS teachers
  • Become an ESS passport agent

b. Academic year support!

  • Continue lesson development
  • Action research project implementation
  • Build community while collaborating in monthly webchats (4:00-5:00pm, second Monday of every month)
  • Participate in the WVSTA annual conference in Wheeling (October 25-27, 2018)
  • Attend a feedback meeting to share developed ESS lessons (May 17, 2019)
  • Attend a geology field trip (May 18-19, 2019)

B.      Year 2

a. Summer workshop (June 16-21, 2019)

  • Participate in a one week residential workshop focused on integrating engineering practices at Fairmont State University
  • Develop lessons which integrate engineering design practices in ESS lessons
  • Continue collaborating with statewide ESS teachers

b. Academic year

  • Continue lesson development
  • Implement engineering practice activities
  • Participate in monthly webchats (4:00-5:00pm, second Monday of every month)
  • Year-end feedback meeting (May TBA)
  • Continue building a WV ESS community
  • Preparation to take the ESS Praxis exam


....What you'll get..    Full participation results in

  • $150/day stipend.  ($2550)
  • 10 tuition waived graduate credits in physical science from Fairmont State University
  • $500 worth of classroom supplies
  • Workshop related expenses
  • Free Registration and lodging for the WVSTA meeting
  • Substitute money provided for WVSTA and 2 feedback meetings

----Who can apply?—  Teachers who meet the following criteria are encouraged to apply:

  • a public or private school teacher in West Virginia
  • teaches grades 6 through 9 science
  • teaches Earth and Space Science content
  • holds a valid general science certificate

-----Partners involved….

  • Fairmont State University (FSU)
  • The Green Bank Observatory
  • RockCamp Program
  • NASA IV & V Educator Resources Center (ERC)
  • Harrison County Schools, Marion County Schools, Preston County Schools

         to apply

1. Click the "Registration Form" tab from the Registration Information drop down menu at the top of the page.

2. Send the Commitment form to:

Deb Hemler 1201 Locust Avenue Fairmont, WV 26554